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Technical Support

Hours: 9 - 9 ET, Mon - Fri

Phone: (Direct) (410) 638-9239

Email: support@GoCadmium.com

Web: www.GoCadmium.com

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DREU 2023

Dates: Thursday – Saturday, April 13, 2023 – December 30, 2023

Website: Click here


Daniela Cárdenas (dcardenas@cra.org)

Phone: (202) 266-2950

Sr. Program Associate:

Daniela Cardenas (dcardenas@cra.org)

Phone: 202-266-2950

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Welcome to the DREU Program Site

  Welcome to the Distributed Research Experience for Undergraduates (DREU) Program! You will use this site to complete and record your DREU program milestone requirements. Please note that you will only be able to see one milestone at a time. There is a process involved in the successful completion, review, and approval of each milestone.

Student Milestone Approval Process:
1 - Student logs in and completes all of the required tasks for their currently assigned milestone.
2 - DREU Program Leader logs in to review the submitted tasks to confirm that all requirements have been met for that milestone. If revisions are needed, the DREU Program Leader will send a message to the student outlining the needed revisions. The student will then need to resubmit their task(s) for that milestone adequately addressing the requested revisions. Once revisions have been received, the DREU Program Leader will again review the submission.
3 - Once all milestone requirements have been successfully met, the DREU Program Leader will approve the student's milestone in the system.
4 - Once approval is received from the DREU Program Leaders, CRA staff will begin the process of issuing the student's stipend for that milestone.
5 - CRA staff will then update the system and, at that time, you will have access to your next assigned milestone.

Please understand that this process can take time and we strongly encourage you to quickly address and resubmit any requested revisions and then follow-up with an email to the DREU team at dreu@cra.org.

Please login below and follow instructions to complete your milestones.