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Technical Support

Hours: 9 – 9 ET, Mon - Fri

Phone: (Direct) (410) 638-9239

Phone: (Toll Free) (877) 426-6323



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Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Boston, Massachusetts

Dates: February 3 – 7, 2024 (Saturday – Wednesday)

Website: Click here

Exhibits and Sponsorship Sales Manager

Andrea Schermerhorn (

Phone: (301) 658-2042

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Welcome to the SLAS2024 Exhibit & Sponsor Service Center

Welcome to the 2024 Exhibit & Sponsor Service Center, where companies and organizations can:
•Rent Exhibit Space
•Purchase Sponsorships
•Manage Exhibit Space/Sponsorships

The SLAS2024 International Conference & Exhibition Prospectus may be found HERE .

Rent/Purchase a 2024 Exhibit Space or Sponsorships:
You may quickly sign up with the "Purchase Exhibit Space/Sponsorships" button below. Please note you cannot use your access key from previous years to log in.

For sales questions or to have 10x10 booths combined to create a larger exhibit booth, contact Andrea Schermerhorn, Exhibit Sales Manager – / (301) 658-2042

Manage your Exhibit Space or Sponsorships:
Current exhibitors or sponsors may log in to upload your company description, logo, complete tasks and submit payment. All confirmed Exhibitors and Sponsors are required to log in with the Access Key sent in the official booth confirmation email. Additional sponsorships can be purchased from your task page.

Current Exhibitors or Sponsors, please contact with questions regarding your purchase.

 Please note: SLAS reserves the right to deny exhibit space to any company it feels is not a good fit, such as direct sales companies. If you are unsure if your company is the right fit, please contact us before renting a booth. 

Important Scam Warning:
SLAS is aware of unscrupulous vendors who are falsely claiming to have the SLAS2024 attendee and community list for sale. Rest assured, they do NOT have our list, and any such claims are false. We are committed to keeping your data secure at all times.

Scammers may target you for other areas as well, such as hotel rates. SLAS official vendors will always showcase the logo below, so beware of any companies who do not display this official logo. The only means of securing access to the SLAS2024 registered attendee list is via the Exhibitor Portal using the task titled ‘MARKETING: Email to SLAS2024 Attendee List".

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 Exhibit & Sponsor Service Center 

Purchase 2024 Exhibits/Sponsorships

Click "Purchase Exhibits/ Sponsorships" below if you have not purchased an exhibit space or sponsorship yet for 2024.
Your access key from previous years will NOT allow you to log in.
Questions? Exhibits and Sponsorship Sales Manager: Andrea Schermerhorn – / (301) 658-2042